Why do I still need a dry hair turban towel?

Apr. 02, 2022

You may be thinking: why should I use hair turbans when I already have a shower towel to use?

Well, for one, do you find your neck in pain whenever you wrap your hair up after your shower? The big, heavy towel can put unnecessary strain on your neck and shoulders.

Also, because it doesn't have any elastic parts to it, your shower towel may eventually slip down over your forehead and eyes. This can make it extremely annoying when you're doing your skincare routine or putting makeup on. Having to continuously fix and redo your towel can be a real pain.

Lastly, hair turbans are made especially for drying your hair quickly. Regular shower towels may have good wicking abilities, but they're not fantastic for wet hair. Hair turbans are usually made with microfibers so it can cut your drying time significantly.

Because of all these great features, hair turbans are great for both adults and children alike! Plus, with all the exciting colors and designs, it can be a fun way for your family to dry your hair together.



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